Become a patience

Any much tips to increase your nature patient. You can try this way and you will get your soul quieter and have more patience. Here any some things you must noticed to become a patient.
  1. Don't thing you are the most righteous people with what you do.
  2. Stop to think another people will help you with your problem now, you must think to solve your problem alone. 

Free your mind

Do you ever hear any people say :
“ I can’t!!!”
“I’m just a poor people, and I can’t do anything”
“I want buy a car, that just a dream...”
When we look, there are so many people around us, once they are not a nobody, but in the next few years they became extraordinary people. 

Life-saving as ants

In ancient Egypt, there lived a very famous king of justice. The king was very loving people. Even the king is in love family did not exceed his love for his people. So if any family members who remained in the law guilty as anyone else. Even more special again, the king is also an animal lover.