Become a patience

Any much tips to increase your nature patient. You can try this way and you will get your soul quieter and have more patience. Here any some things you must noticed to become a patient.
  1. Don't thing you are the most righteous people with what you do.
  2. Stop to think another people will help you with your problem now, you must think to solve your problem alone. 
  3. Accept the fact that it is not easy to make another people happy with what you do, let time pas and let it all happen according to what you have done.
  4. Don't think if you know the most correct from another people.
  5. Do not be nasty to people who disagree with you, then they are next to you, be fair to everyone.
  6. Positive thinking.
  7. Sympathetic to others
  8. Stop to think personal interests and start to think about the surroundings.
  9. Find the best solution from all your problem without make another people hurt.
That is a any sample to increase your nature patient. I hope we will become a patient people.

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