Life-saving as ants

In ancient Egypt, there lived a very famous king of justice. The king was very loving people. Even the king is in love family did not exceed his love for his people. So if any family members who remained in the law guilty as anyone else. Even more special again, the king is also an animal lover.

One day the king of was going for a walk to see an ant. The ant was pleased and proud to receive a visit from the king. "How are you ant?" asked the King. "Servant fine Sire," replied the ant happy. "Where have you gone?" "Servant since morning went to several places but could not get food, sire." "So you have not eaten since this morning?" "Yes, sire." King of the fair that was pensive for a moment. Then he said, "Hi, ant. Few much food do you need in a year?" "Just a piece of bread only king," said the ant. "Then would I give you a piece of bread for a year of your life?" "Servant very happy, my lord." "Then let you take home to the palace," said the king, and brought ant to his palace.

Ants are very happy to get the gift of food from the king. He no longer bother to search for food in a year. And of course the bread giving the king would be sweeter and tastier. "Now you go into a tube that has been filled it is a piece of bread!" orders of the king. "Thank you, Your Majesty. Servant will go." "A year will come a new tube will be opened," said the king again. "Servant very happy, my lord." Tube containing bread and ant was immediately sealed by the king. Close the tube is made of special materials, so air still goes into it. The tube is then stored in a special room in the palace.

In the following days the king still lead people. He completed the affairs wisely. Finally, after a whole year, the king remembered his promise to the ants. Slowly kings uncapped tube containing ant. When the lid is open, the ant has just enjoyed the bread given by king last year. "How are you, an ant?" asked the king when his eyes saw ants in the tube. "Things are fine servants, my lord." "It never hurts for a year in the tube?" "No, my lord.

"Then the king pensive for a moment, looking at the rest of the ant-owned bakery in the tube." Why only a piece of bread that my gift is half of you leaving? "Asked the king." Yes, Lord. '"He said in a year you just need a piece of bread. Why do not you spend? '"Well, my lord. The bread was indeed servants of reserving half. For servant concerned lest the king forget to open this jar lid. If the king forgot to open it, of course servant can still eat bread a year. But luckily the king did not forget.

Servant very happy. "the king was shocked to know the ant exposition frugal life. The king smiled faintly near the ant." Are you a great ant. You can save your needs. This will tell across the country so that my people can like you. If ants alone can save their needs, why do people just like to live lavishly?" "Your Majesty should not flatter me, "replied the ant. Ants finally got another gift from the king. As a sign of gratitude for having taught him a life saver.

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