Free your mind

Do you ever hear any people say :
“ I can’t!!!”
“I’m just a poor people, and I can’t do anything”
“I want buy a car, that just a dream...”
When we look, there are so many people around us, once they are not a nobody, but in the next few years they became extraordinary people. 

Have you ever thought? Why they can and we can’t? In fact, what distinguishes those who succeed and those who do not succeed? Any one good word in one book ever I read, “If you believe you can, so you will be can” what that word mean? Actually a human have a unlimited ability to do something.
That limits the ability of human beings is the human mind itself. If we think we can’t do, we will can’t do. But if we think we can, we will can do anything.

Everything starts from our mind. Humans always think first and then act. If our mind say we can’t do anything, that mean we limiting our ability. We must remember, whatever your background or whoever you are now, that will never affect to our future.

So, don’t be afraid to have a big think. If you have a big think, you will get a big something. Don’t limit your mind, you must confident you have a unlimited ability to do anything.

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