Become a patience

Any much tips to increase your nature patient. You can try this way and you will get your soul quieter and have more patience. Here any some things you must noticed to become a patient.
  1. Don't thing you are the most righteous people with what you do.
  2. Stop to think another people will help you with your problem now, you must think to solve your problem alone. 

Free your mind

Do you ever hear any people say :
“ I can’t!!!”
“I’m just a poor people, and I can’t do anything”
“I want buy a car, that just a dream...”
When we look, there are so many people around us, once they are not a nobody, but in the next few years they became extraordinary people. 

Life-saving as ants

In ancient Egypt, there lived a very famous king of justice. The king was very loving people. Even the king is in love family did not exceed his love for his people. So if any family members who remained in the law guilty as anyone else. Even more special again, the king is also an animal lover.


Laziness is actually the kind of mental illness. Whoever will feel a sense of lazy and messy performance is obviously very detrimental. Success in career, business and life generally never comes to people who are lazy. Too lazy to describe the loss of a sense of one's motivation to do the job or what he really wants.

Another opinion says that lazy is also one form of negative behaviors that harm. Because this lazy considerable influence on productivity.

River of Life

When we look at the RIVER wit the flow of water not smooth, we will find some CAUSED, some possible causes are as follows:

A Scum
Sometimes we can not stream a good thing because our lives up by trash. trash talk about something that is put in us such as negative thoughts, hatred, jealousy, anger, etc.
When we allow ourselves to be influenced by negative talk, and anger will fill our hearts. So learn to master your heart.

Life is a gift

Who live in the mountains miss the beach,
and who living in the coastal miss the mountains. 

In the dry season, miss rainy season,
and in the rainy season, miss dry season. 

Have a  black hair admiring blonde hair, 
and who have a blonde hair need a black hair. 

Six Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Has your self-esteem gone into hibernation with the bears or fallen by the wayside like the leaves on the trees? Before you let one more moment slip away, put the spring back into your step without waiting for the thaw. Whether your self-esteem is still going strong, fading, has disappeared all together, it makes sense for all us to nurture our confidence. Confidence equips us to face the tough and unpleasant times and allows for joy and pleasure when living is easy.

Three Character Working Professional

Three Character Working Professionals - To lead a balanced life people are required to work, in the their job any much different from everybody, so if we want to get what we want we must have a hard work and smart work system = professional. 

Inspire Your Self

If you need to make things happen at all the capability to inspire your self and others is an important skill. At your job, at home, and everywhere in between, someone needs inspiration to get results. Inspiration requires a delicate harmony of communication, structure, and also incentives. These 21 strategies can help you increase inspiration in yourself and others.

Self Inferiority

Self Inferiority is always owned by everyone, no matter the adults or the elderly they will always have a inferiority. This feel make you afraid to say something and shame when interact with another people, this not good for your life.

Self Inferiority can eliminated if we have a strong determination, but this will not easy to evict self inferiority from yourself.

Motivate Your Self

Motivate your self!!! Do you have a problem to get yourself goal? Perhaps you've tried to push ourself forward with all your have, but you still can’t get it.You need a motivation to increase from yourself. So, you will feel your live is more better than more.

First, you must have a time to do what you like. If you can choose what you want to do, whether it your job or your college, choose what the something you like and you can enjoy it. Choose job with high salary or prestigious college can’t  keep you motivated.