Three Character Working Professional

Three Character Working Professionals - To lead a balanced life people are required to work, in the their job any much different from everybody, so if we want to get what we want we must have a hard work and smart work system = professional. 

Apparently, someone work in a professional have a special character. In carrying out the task the professional worker must objective, that mean free from shame, sentiment, hatred, laziness and reluctance to act, basically we should be confident.

Three Character Working Professional

  • Working a professional was determined to realize the goodness for the honor of the profession that was involved, and because that reason they not too concerned to get a wages.
  • Working a professional must be underpinned by high quality technical proficiency achieved through education and/or training that long, exclusive and professional.
  • Working a professional measured by the quality of the technical and moral qualities. Work as professional must submit to the control mechanisms in the form of a code of ethics that was developed and agreed upon in a professional organization.

Thus, a professional must have a certain profession that was obtained through a process of education and a special training. besides that there are also elements of the spirit of devotion (profession calls) in carrying out a work activity. It should be emphasized right to distinguish ordinary workers (occupation) which simply aims to make money and / or wealth only.

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