River of Life

When we look at the RIVER wit the flow of water not smooth, we will find some CAUSED, some possible causes are as follows:

A Scum
Sometimes we can not stream a good thing because our lives up by trash. trash talk about something that is put in us such as negative thoughts, hatred, jealousy, anger, etc.
When we allow ourselves to be influenced by negative talk, and anger will fill our hearts. So learn to master your heart.

STONE talk about perseverance. Quite often the actions of others make us hurt and harbor resentment. And usually we will be confronted with two choices:
Forgive or still hate that person.

Mud talking about the past.Maybe we had a bad past that has not been resolved. Therefore it is important for us to settle or forgive our past in order to become a flowing river of life.

"the river can not drain life if there is trash, rocks, and mud in our lives".

So, do not store the negatives in our hearts. Our lives are so beautiful and full of blessings. :)

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