Laziness is actually the kind of mental illness. Whoever will feel a sense of lazy and messy performance is obviously very detrimental. Success in career, business and life generally never comes to people who are lazy. Too lazy to describe the loss of a sense of one's motivation to do the job or what he really wants.

Another opinion says that lazy is also one form of negative behaviors that harm. Because this lazy considerable influence on productivity.

Because lazy, one often does not even have a stag productive. Body feels sluggish, enthusiasm and passion to decline, the idea was not flowing. Consequently there is no any power that makes you able to work. If left alone, it will be more indolent disease 'chronic'.

In the era of globalization, lazy behavior is very harmful. Because, in this era who is able to apply the value and productive, he will succeed. But of course, this behavior is not a dead card that can not be changed.

According to psychologists, people behave lazy to work or an activity because he did not have a strong motivation to do something.

A lazy to work, the motivation to work is very low. His attitude towards the job tend to be negative due to the perception that it provides to work less well. This is because the value system that was in him to make him behave lazy to do the job. While the work of others may not be so.

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