Life is a gift

Who live in the mountains miss the beach,
and who living in the coastal miss the mountains. 

In the dry season, miss rainy season,
and in the rainy season, miss dry season. 

Have a  black hair admiring blonde hair, 
and who have a blonde hair need a black hair. 

Have one children need a more child, 
and when have a much child just need one child. 

When is happy will we get if we just always think of what's missing, but forget what you already have without a sense of gratitude?
'May we become a person who gives thanks to the blessings that we already have'

'Do not close our eyes, though only by a small leaf'
Do not cover our hearts, even if only with a negative thought.

If our hearts are closed, all will be covered.
Grateful for what is there, because life is a boon for the souls who are sincere.

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  1. Life is not about worries and stress. Life is all about happiness, joy and living happily. Enjoy your life and explore the world with countless opportunities.